First Bespin Gambit



Introduction: Helping out Lando. (Reclamation.)
Story Mission 1: Trandoshans! (Panic in the Streets.)
Story Mission 2: Argh, Bossk! (Freedom Fighters.)
Finale: Lulled into a FALSE Sense of Security. (Hostile Takeover.)


Davith Elso
Jyn Ordan
Murne Rin



Results and Thoughts

The Imperial side won the first three missions (usually in the last turn, but still winning), while the Rebel side won the last mission (and thus the entire campaign).

While each mission was balanced in itself, I felt that the campaign (as a whole) was a bit lopsided and that the final mission (in particular) was poorly chosen. Considering that the Imperial side was undefeated at this point, the final mission should have been harder for the Rebels (although it was difficult at times, but that mostly due to random rolls).

Due to the increased amount of experience awarded, the Rebels were able to keep getting more and more powerful, keeping pace (and possibly outstripping) the Imperials for abilities.

While the mini-campaign was (mostly) fun, I don’t think we’ll play it again. (However, having said that, the side mission that came with the ISB Infiltrators can be played as a Forced Mission halfway through this mini campaign… so that would be a cool addition if we did play this again.)

First Bespin Gambit

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