In a Galaxy far, far away

Lulled into a FALSE Sense of Security

Mission Title: Hostile Takeover

Having just failed to retrieve the datapad from Bossk, the heroes received word that all of Bespin was now in danger. Lando was missing (not just recovering from the beating he took in the Introduction), presumably kidnapped by the nefarious and mysterious Agent Blaise.

Firetruck Blaise

This isn’t an actual picture of Agent Blaise… just a picture of a fire engine called Blaze.

With the help of some ugnaughts, the heroes were able to find out where Lando was being held captive… and that he was awaiting CARBONITE FREEZING! (Oh noes!) The ugnaughts also helped the heroes sneak into the facility via a ventilation shaft, catching the Imperials completely unprepared!

With the element of surprise, the heroes were able to keep the imperial forces on the back foot as they blasted their way to free Lando. (Some imperial forgetfulness or incompetency might also be at fault here.) With Lando freed, they then had to face down a diminished Bossk (who they dealt with in fairly short order) before finding a cornered Agent Blaise and manhandling him into the carbonite freezing hole. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

With Agent Blaise and Bossk now defeated, all of the rebels on Bespin immediately forgot how the heroes had screwed everything else up and decided that they were the best. Hooray! Lando, however, quickly sent the heroes back to rebel HQ before they could “help” in any further missions.

Agent Hawkbat
Jyn Ordan
Slug Man



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