In a Galaxy far, far away

Helping Out Lando

Mission Title: Reclamation

A new mini-campaign to have a go at stuff we haven’t done yet…

The heroes were to help Lando Calrissian destroy a whole bunch of security cameras so that they could escape unnoticed. This would have worked better if Agent Blaise hadn’t shown up to make life extra difficult for the rebels.

Eventually, overwhelming imperial forces won the day, forcing the rebels to retreat (and forcing a wounded Lando to lick his wounds).

The game ended when Davith Elso was finally wounded in the seventh turn. Prior to this, all other characters had actually been forced to withdraw. It should be noted that Davith could not actually reach his final objective (in that, the final turn). It should also be noted that he kept evading blaster shots like a god-damn space ninja!

Davith Elso
Jyn Ordan, whose player was absent.
Murne Rin


We… didn’t help Lando very much. I’m pretty sure I was playing along with the idea that we could shoot and kill things more easily than we were. I forgot about 2 things
1. We don’t have the skills/damage of our other characters.
2. When we suck at rolling dice, we really suck at rolling dice.

Helping Out Lando

Up until the final turn (when it was far too late) you guys were really rolling very badly. Great for the Imperials, though. :)

I’d imagine that readjusting to having basically beginner characters again would also be quite hard.

Helping Out Lando

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