In a Galaxy far, far away

Mission Title: Incoming

This week the heroes were tasked with picking up the research notes made on the Secret Schematics that had been recovered some time ago. When they arrived at the secret rebel research facility, however, they found it already overrun with imperial stormtroopers. Drat.

Hoping to find at least some research to salvage the mission, the heroes proceeded with caution.


With only a little effort the heroes were able to fight their way into the ruined base. As imperial bombardments began (some distance away for starters), the Mak, Diala and Fenn started invesitigating the remaining consoles, looking for data, while Gideon helped direct everyone and keep them on task. (He also tried helping Fenn with his console… but his technique seemed somewhat unique.)

With an intercepted transmission alerting the heroes to the possible arrival of Darth Vader, they stepped up their investigations (while the imperials also started stepping up their forces and their bombardments).

Unfortunately the data had all been recovered by the empire, so all that remained was for the heroes to make their escape through a jammed blast door. As the imperial forces encircled them they managed to activate the door and make good their escape. (Even though everyone, barring the Royal Guards, was stunned.)


Diala Passil
Fenn Signis, whose player was absent
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey

Get to the Shuttle!
Mission Title: Infiltrated

The heroes (Biv Bodhrik, Gaarkhan, Jyn Ordan and Saska Teft) had one last chance to intercept the rebel plans from falling into Imperial hands… and that chance was aboard a Imperial starship that they also had to board to provide Luke Skywalker with a chance to escape from…SOMEWHERE!!!

With C-3PO along for support the heroes snuck on to the Imperial starship and set about stealthily doing STUFF… until they were noticed and the shooting started!


With care and planning the heroes were able to steadily move through the ship, gunning down Stormtroopers and disabling vital systems as they went. Their progress even attracted the attention of the feared Kayn Somos, but they could not be stopped this time… not even by a Stormtrooper with a name!

Finally they broke through the blast doors and reached the hanger to make their escape. Saska released the shuttle while Biv, Gaarkhan and the wounded Jyn (C-3PO had been blown apart long ago) all tried to keep the Imperials back long enough for them to make their escape. Unfortunately for the heroes there were just too many enemies for them to account for and they were eventually captured and taunted by Kayn Somos himself. He must have recovered from being hit by a big wookie.


As this mission was the FINALE for the Mini-Campaign, that brings us to the end of the adventures of these heroes. At least until next time!

A Daylight Charge up the Canyon!
Mission Title: Canyon Run

Biv Bodhrik, Gaarkhan, Jyn Ordan, Saska Teft, Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3PO all headed off to the Jundland Wastes to steal some plans. Or something like that. Their plan involved charging up a canyon in the middle of the day in a desert and could very well have worked!

Things started well, with Biv being able to charge forward and cause enough damage to take out a heavy Strmtrooper straight off the bat.


However their path was blocked not only by Imperial forces who seemed determined not to fall down, but also barricades, traps and pesky tuskan raiders who delighted in taking pot shots at them from the top of the canyon (they would have delighted in this more if they had hit more often). C-3PO’s shiny golden head was a particularly popular target for the raiders, however the glare must have made it difficult for them to hit him.

Initially the heroes tried to fight their way up the canyon inch by inch, but they soon realised that the slow method was not going to work and so they started charging uphill in a desperate attempt to reach the computer terminal before “reinforcements arrived”.

As they finally closed in on the Imperial outpost terminal, Kayn Somos appeared to once more make life even more difficult for them.

With blaster fire going off all around them, Taska and Jyn led the final charge inside the Imperial outpost, where Jyn was able to almost win the day. Then, under the unbearable double suns of Tattoine and the mocking laughter of Kayn Somos, the rebels were forced to retreat.


Jyn’s failure to interact with the terminal at the end of this mission (once again, it all came down to a dice roll in the final round) was particularly spectacular considering that she was focused at the time and had the means of re-rolling all of her skill dice (4 in this case). All she needed was one success, but on 8 dice she could not manage it.

The re-roll results have been recorded for posterity below.


Well... that was brief.
Mission Title: Old Friends

Gideon led the team to the aid of his old squad, which was in danger of being wiped out by Imperial forces. Under heavy fire the group managed to land and make their way to the rendezvous location… only to find that the rebels had been forced to go into hiding!


Gideon soon began directing the team and it didn’t take long for Fenn to engage the enemy and for Mak to begin helping one of the hidden rebels to the evacuation point. With most of the Stormtroopers in the immediate area blown away, things were looking good and so Diala went looking for (and found) another hidden rebel.

Then things turned nasty as a fresh squad of Stormtroopers came bursting out of nowhere and blasted one of the fleeing rebels down before anyone could react.

Worried now, Gideon began directing people again and moved to block off the possible attack of the trained Nexu that had just arrived… only to watch in horror as the second escaping rebel was also brutally gunned down by the same squad of Stormtroopers.


The survivors (and the uninjured heroes) managed to retreat to the evacuation point, but the Imperials had easily won the day.

Diala Passil
Fenn Signis, whose player was absent
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey

C-3PO is where?
Mission Titile: Past Life Enemies

Having helped Han escape from Imperial attention, the heroes retreated to the smuggler’s small refuge where they found R2-D2 beeping furiously. Since none of the heroes spoke beep they then had to wait for the droid to play a hologram to explain why it was so upset. What they then saw was footage of C-3PO being gunned down by Stormtroopers near an Imperial garrison in Mos Eisley.

Pausing only to call in Han Solo for assistance, the heroes rushed off to the golden droid’s rescue. Arriving at the scene of the attack they found Heavy Stormtroopers standing near the downed body of C-3PO. Then, before they could properly take in all of the situation, Biv Bodhrik charged forward to the droid’s defence!


With little other options, Gaarkhan, Han Solo, Jyn Ordan and Saska Teft were left to also charge in against the overwhelming Imperial forces and try to save the day.

Buoyed by the previous success, the heroes hoped to quickly turn the tide. However after Han and Biv both fell to heavy and repeated blaster fire things were starting to look grim. With a concerted effort, Jyn was finally able to make it over to C-3PO and reactivate him, only to discover that a Stormtrooper Commander was present at the garrison and should be dealt with.

Bravely the heroes continued trying to fight their way forward against the seemingly never ending waves of opponents, until finally a severely wounded Gaarkhan was able to break down one of the facility doors to reveal the waiting Kayn Somos!

Finally, amidst a veritable barrage of blaster fire, the heroes were forced to withdraw.


Let's go rob the Empire!
Mission Title: Generous Donations

Rebellion Command approached the heroes with two prospective missions: protect Luke Skywalker on some boring mission or go pilfer credits from an Imperial sympathiser’s bank account. Of course they chose the cash.

The heroes travelled to a planet and met up with a criminal contact who provided them with a computer virus, which would allow the imperial sympathiser’s account to be emptied. While not trusting the low-life they were working with, the heroes were nonetheless in no position to refuse the aid.

Off they then set to break into a facility, upload a virus and hopefully not get hurt too much. Unfortunately, they hadn’t counted on the imperial facility being guarded by a squad of trandoshan mercenaries with their trained nexu (not to mention the usual probe droids, e-web blasters, etc.).


While Diala took an immediate dislike to nexu, the heroes were able to easily deal with the initial waves of defence. And so although Fenn took a considerable amount of damage, they were able to break their way into the imperial facility… only for Mak to discover that there were more troops inside! While Fenn bravely deflected the imperial attacks with his body, head and sanity, Mak was able to upload the virus. Which set off an alarm. And closed all the doors. And made more imperials appear outside.


Gideon then organised everyone to hold off the menacing imperials long enough for the bank account to be fully drained. Fenn was so badly wounded that he needed to withdraw, but the remaining heroes were sufficient to the task of winning the day.


Of course, afterwards they all discovered that their underworld contact had made off with most of the money (rather than splitting it as promised)… leaving them with only a small fortune, rather than the huge fortune they were hoping for.

Post Script: Later, the heroes also learned that Luke Skywalker encountered some difficulties with Darth Vader on his boring mission… and now the sith lord will possibly be paying closer attention to what the rebels are up to.

Diala Passil
Fenn Signis, whose player was absent
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey

To rescue Agent Bob!
Mission Title: Imperial Hospitality

The Rebel High Command has sent word through that one of their most valuable agents, Agent Bob, has been captured by the Empire and must be rescued at all costs. Also, if the empire could be prevented from decyphering their secret data packet, that would be awesome too!

The rebel heroes (Diala, Fenn, Gideon and Mak) soon find themselves creeping through a series of ventilation shafts to break into the facility where Agent Bob was being held. Knowing that the data packet was a time sensitive part of the mission, Fenn and Mak immediately started blasting their way toward the data centre while Diala and Gideon followed behind.

Brutally, Fenn was able to cut a large swath through the defending Probe Droids, while the others were able to kill the two Royal Guards who were overseeing the facility. Overriding the door locking mechanism to the data centre, Mak was then confronted by two hulking Trandoshan Hunters (and an Imperial Officer) who immediately opened fire and made him look a lot less healthy. Meanwhile, Gideon was being confronted by a fresh squad of Storm Troopers who were also making him look decidedly unhealthy (some would even say wounded).


Luckily the rebels were able to confuse the Trandoshans by hacking into the communications system and the alien hunters were soon dealt with. In the process, Mak was also able to break the data terminal that had been processing the data packet, preventing that from being transmitted.

From that point on the heroes had a pretty easy time of it (except for Gideon, who managed to kill many Storm Troopers but was eventually forced to withdraw from the field due to his severe injuries), managing to ransack their way to Agent Bob’s cell and free him before covering his escape from the facility.


Diala Passil
Fenn Signis
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey

A Quick Mission to Stop Mak talking about that "One Time"...
Mission Title: Loose Cannon

After hearing that one story from Mak one too may times, Gideon, Fenn and Diala decided to head off to where it all began to make him stop telling it. (Or something like that.) So the heroes headed to an Imperial Facility, waiting until the garrison was depleted (at lunch time, or something) until infiltrating. Everything was going so well, until Mak tried to hotwire an AT-ST. Suddenly alarms were going off and Imperials were running in from everywhere. This didn’t worry the heroes too much… except for the colourful looking Royal Guard Champion whose very appearance made them take a step back.


Both sides opened fire and blaster bolts sizzled through the hanger bay. Things were a bit tight, but not drastically so, until Darth Vader wandered in (he’d been on an inspection tour of the facility and decided to lend some of his Managerial expertise to the discussions). Between the Royal Guard Champion and Darth Vader the heroes soon found themselves on the back foot.

Eventually, with a cry of rage from Mak, the heroes were forced to retreat from the overwhelming Imperial forces.


Diala Passil
Fenn Signis
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey

Han's done it again.
Mission Title: Hunted Down.

A different group of rebel agents (Jyn Ordan, Gaarkhan, Biv Bodhrik and Saska Teft) have learned that Han Solo has once again gotten himself into a pickle. This time on Tatooine. Silly man.

While Chewbacca is off somewhere (and also while R2-D2 and C-3PO were hiding in a closet or something), Han managed to get himself ambushed in a familiar cantina in Mos Eisley…


While facing some stiff Imperial opposition, including the unexpected arrival of Boba Fett, the rebel agents were able to get the codes, free the Falcon and see Han safely on his way. Presumably the Storm Troopers all just wandered off in mid-battle after Han escaped and didn’t just blast the heroes into dust.


So. Many. Imperials.
Mission Title: Under Siege

In this mission the rebel heroes were tasked with defending a location long enough to allow other rebel agents to steal some plans. Easy, right?


It all started well, but then the Imperial troops just kept on arriving (and who invited the Rodians?). Mak Eshka’rey took a lot of punishment (and eventually even had to withdraw!), while Diala Passil once again proved that she was largely immune to being hit. Ever. Sigh.

Tensions rode high when Darth Vader took to the field late in the game, but even his presence wasn’t enough to win the day for the Imperial. Though it was damn close.


The rebel heroes delayed the imperials long enough to allow the other rebel agents to get away.

Diala Passil
Fenn Signis
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey, whose player was absent


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