In a Galaxy far, far away


Mission Title: Panic in the Streets

After the last mission went… not well… the heroes were tasked with delivering some stolen supplies a group of refugees. This part of the mission went off without a hitch. Huzzah!

Following their delivery, however, the heroes encountered a group of trandoshan hunters pushing around some civilians while the local wing guards (a bunch of Chads) did nothing. All of a sudden things escalated quickly and fight broke out right in the middle of a crowded corridor.


The heroes then set about subtly taking down the imperials, wing guards and trandoshans without alarming the civilians too much, while also trying to herd the civilians into a room where they could be safely locked away from people with blasters. Despite Jyn getting a few rocks (?!?) thrown at her, this was working out pretty well. However there seemed to be no end to the number of imperials units and trandoshan hunters than wold just wandering into the area.

Then, just when things were starting to look REALLY hard for the rebels Bossk showed up and helped to make things almost impossible. Amidst a hail of blaster fire the heroes were eventually forced to flee and everyone was left thinking tht the rebels were the cause of all that ruckus (rather than the trandoshans).

Imperial Propaganda: 1
Heroes: 0

Davith Elso
Jyn Ordan
Murne Rin



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