In a Galaxy far, far away

Let's go rob the Empire!

Mission Title: Generous Donations

Rebellion Command approached the heroes with two prospective missions: protect Luke Skywalker on some boring mission or go pilfer credits from an Imperial sympathiser’s bank account. Of course they chose the cash.

The heroes travelled to a planet and met up with a criminal contact who provided them with a computer virus, which would allow the imperial sympathiser’s account to be emptied. While not trusting the low-life they were working with, the heroes were nonetheless in no position to refuse the aid.

Off they then set to break into a facility, upload a virus and hopefully not get hurt too much. Unfortunately, they hadn’t counted on the imperial facility being guarded by a squad of trandoshan mercenaries with their trained nexu (not to mention the usual probe droids, e-web blasters, etc.).


While Diala took an immediate dislike to nexu, the heroes were able to easily deal with the initial waves of defence. And so although Fenn took a considerable amount of damage, they were able to break their way into the imperial facility… only for Mak to discover that there were more troops inside! While Fenn bravely deflected the imperial attacks with his body, head and sanity, Mak was able to upload the virus. Which set off an alarm. And closed all the doors. And made more imperials appear outside.


Gideon then organised everyone to hold off the menacing imperials long enough for the bank account to be fully drained. Fenn was so badly wounded that he needed to withdraw, but the remaining heroes were sufficient to the task of winning the day.


Of course, afterwards they all discovered that their underworld contact had made off with most of the money (rather than splitting it as promised)… leaving them with only a small fortune, rather than the huge fortune they were hoping for.

Post Script: Later, the heroes also learned that Luke Skywalker encountered some difficulties with Darth Vader on his boring mission… and now the sith lord will possibly be paying closer attention to what the rebels are up to.

Diala Passil
Fenn Signis, whose player was absent
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey


Hehe… Diala needs more red for blood :-)

Let's go rob the Empire!

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