In a Galaxy far, far away

Get to the Shuttle!

Mission Title: Infiltrated

The heroes (Biv Bodhrik, Gaarkhan, Jyn Ordan and Saska Teft) had one last chance to intercept the rebel plans from falling into Imperial hands… and that chance was aboard a Imperial starship that they also had to board to provide Luke Skywalker with a chance to escape from…SOMEWHERE!!!

With C-3PO along for support the heroes snuck on to the Imperial starship and set about stealthily doing STUFF… until they were noticed and the shooting started!


With care and planning the heroes were able to steadily move through the ship, gunning down Stormtroopers and disabling vital systems as they went. Their progress even attracted the attention of the feared Kayn Somos, but they could not be stopped this time… not even by a Stormtrooper with a name!

Finally they broke through the blast doors and reached the hanger to make their escape. Saska released the shuttle while Biv, Gaarkhan and the wounded Jyn (C-3PO had been blown apart long ago) all tried to keep the Imperials back long enough for them to make their escape. Unfortunately for the heroes there were just too many enemies for them to account for and they were eventually captured and taunted by Kayn Somos himself. He must have recovered from being hit by a big wookie.


As this mission was the FINALE for the Mini-Campaign, that brings us to the end of the adventures of these heroes. At least until next time!



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