In a Galaxy far, far away

C-3PO is where?

Mission Titile: Past Life Enemies

Having helped Han escape from Imperial attention, the heroes retreated to the smuggler’s small refuge where they found R2-D2 beeping furiously. Since none of the heroes spoke beep they then had to wait for the droid to play a hologram to explain why it was so upset. What they then saw was footage of C-3PO being gunned down by Stormtroopers near an Imperial garrison in Mos Eisley.

Pausing only to call in Han Solo for assistance, the heroes rushed off to the golden droid’s rescue. Arriving at the scene of the attack they found Heavy Stormtroopers standing near the downed body of C-3PO. Then, before they could properly take in all of the situation, Biv Bodhrik charged forward to the droid’s defence!


With little other options, Gaarkhan, Han Solo, Jyn Ordan and Saska Teft were left to also charge in against the overwhelming Imperial forces and try to save the day.

Buoyed by the previous success, the heroes hoped to quickly turn the tide. However after Han and Biv both fell to heavy and repeated blaster fire things were starting to look grim. With a concerted effort, Jyn was finally able to make it over to C-3PO and reactivate him, only to discover that a Stormtrooper Commander was present at the garrison and should be dealt with.

Bravely the heroes continued trying to fight their way forward against the seemingly never ending waves of opponents, until finally a severely wounded Gaarkhan was able to break down one of the facility doors to reveal the waiting Kayn Somos!

Finally, amidst a veritable barrage of blaster fire, the heroes were forced to withdraw.



That’s a lot of Imperials and a decent sized map.

Seems like any ground gained at all would be very costly for the Rebels.

C-3PO is where?

Oh yeah, it was very costly.

Also, the inclusion of Han Solo (as a full priced ally) worked out pretty well for the Imperials. The extra 12 threat points at the start of the game (plus a bonus 8 threat points from ‘Special Set-up’… 20 bonus threat at the start of the game!) is how come there were so many Imperial figures on the map for most of the game.

C-3PO is where?

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