In a Galaxy far, far away


Mission Title: Incoming

This week the heroes were tasked with picking up the research notes made on the Secret Schematics that had been recovered some time ago. When they arrived at the secret rebel research facility, however, they found it already overrun with imperial stormtroopers. Drat.

Hoping to find at least some research to salvage the mission, the heroes proceeded with caution.


With only a little effort the heroes were able to fight their way into the ruined base. As imperial bombardments began (some distance away for starters), the Mak, Diala and Fenn started invesitigating the remaining consoles, looking for data, while Gideon helped direct everyone and keep them on task. (He also tried helping Fenn with his console… but his technique seemed somewhat unique.)

With an intercepted transmission alerting the heroes to the possible arrival of Darth Vader, they stepped up their investigations (while the imperials also started stepping up their forces and their bombardments).

Unfortunately the data had all been recovered by the empire, so all that remained was for the heroes to make their escape through a jammed blast door. As the imperial forces encircled them they managed to activate the door and make good their escape. (Even though everyone, barring the Royal Guards, was stunned.)


Diala Passil
Fenn Signis, whose player was absent
Gideon Argus
Mak Eshka’rey


Hehe, the shadow at the bottom of the last pic makes it look like there’s a ship coming in to land… maybe with Darth Vader :)


Hey, it kind of does. Cool!


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