In a Galaxy far, far away

Argh, Bossk!

Mission Title: Freedom Fighters

After their last mission went so poorly the heroes were feeling pretty down. Murne Rin even discovered that he’d become so infamous that there was a bounty (a Death Mark) on his head. (It probably wasn’t placed by the rebellion.) Then, to cheer them up, they heard a rumour that the trandoshan bounty hunters that they had seen hanging around Bespin were kidnapping civilians to sell as slaves somewhere.

Oh noes!

With no time to lose the heroes went looking to free these captive civilians and kick some trandoshan arse… not necessarily in that order.

Finding the captives was easy enough and the heroes were even able to get the trandoshans and their ugnaught accomplices on the back foot to begin with. When the heroes found and released Lobot he even agreed to help them by controlling parts of the city (namely, adding new doors) for them. Cool!

Then Bossk showed up again and began ruining everyone’s day. He even managed to flaunt the fact the he’d somehow managed to acquire a rebel data pad. The bastard!

In the firefight that followed the heroes were swiftly defeated and forced to flee, allowing Bossk to escape with the datapad. After yet another defeat, things were not looking good for the rebel heroes…

Davith Elso
Jyn Ordan
Murne Rin



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