In a Galaxy far, far away

A Daylight Charge up the Canyon!

Mission Title: Canyon Run

Biv Bodhrik, Gaarkhan, Jyn Ordan, Saska Teft, Han Solo, R2-D2 and C-3PO all headed off to the Jundland Wastes to steal some plans. Or something like that. Their plan involved charging up a canyon in the middle of the day in a desert and could very well have worked!

Things started well, with Biv being able to charge forward and cause enough damage to take out a heavy Strmtrooper straight off the bat.


However their path was blocked not only by Imperial forces who seemed determined not to fall down, but also barricades, traps and pesky tuskan raiders who delighted in taking pot shots at them from the top of the canyon (they would have delighted in this more if they had hit more often). C-3PO’s shiny golden head was a particularly popular target for the raiders, however the glare must have made it difficult for them to hit him.

Initially the heroes tried to fight their way up the canyon inch by inch, but they soon realised that the slow method was not going to work and so they started charging uphill in a desperate attempt to reach the computer terminal before “reinforcements arrived”.

As they finally closed in on the Imperial outpost terminal, Kayn Somos appeared to once more make life even more difficult for them.

With blaster fire going off all around them, Taska and Jyn led the final charge inside the Imperial outpost, where Jyn was able to almost win the day. Then, under the unbearable double suns of Tattoine and the mocking laughter of Kayn Somos, the rebels were forced to retreat.


Jyn’s failure to interact with the terminal at the end of this mission (once again, it all came down to a dice roll in the final round) was particularly spectacular considering that she was focused at the time and had the means of re-rolling all of her skill dice (4 in this case). All she needed was one success, but on 8 dice she could not manage it.

The re-roll results have been recorded for posterity below.




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